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Govt. Of M. P. Failured to maintain power supply in the state.
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Non break power shut down continued at Gwalior- Chambal region of Madhya Pradesh.
Govt. Of M. P. Failured to maintain power supply in the state.
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Gwalior 6th March. It is sirprising power shut down is continued at gwalior chambal region since last two days, ofcourse more than 50 hours passed. Present situation is that no body is available to maintain power supply at local power houses. Mr. XYZ an Asst. Engineer at M. K. V. V. Company said on a phone talk that he cant do nothing in the matter. It is ordered through C. M. House and Morena M. P. Narendra Singh Tomar to shut down continously in half of area of city.
It is very sirprising fact that what saying one responsible engineer giving such irresponsible reply without any fear.
Second one responsible officer posted at ministry of energy of Madhya Pradesh sachivalay said on a phone talk .. Aaj chhutti hai isliye bijali ki bhi chhutti hai.
Now it can say without any doubt after seen the above scenerio the Govt. Of Madhya Pradesh is totally faild to provide constitutional fandamental facilities to its state citizen. Of course M. P. Govt. Is now failed to maintain power supply in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

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