मंगलवार, 26 अक्तूबर 2010

At Last Facebook crime about abusing and harrassment of women knocked the NCW door.

New Delhi 25th October. Very popular social networking website in India is not safe now for peaceful persons and women also.
Some wrogue and cheap chhichhore type persons captured the network in India. One such case is now reached at door of NCW Govt. Of India.
In general public interest and all women of India complaint filed by a Lady who is also one facebook user.
In this complaint she complained to National Commission for women Govt of India that some bad unsocial wrogue elements are making abuse bad names for women users of facebook. All they such accused are working against women of India through their public posts and bad comments on women. They dishonoured and harrassed the women and crashed and destroyed the image of Indian women, They created many falsefied forged and fake identities and evidences and used them against many of people. They also destroyed and deleted many comments and posts and evidences also. They are working against women of India and seriously belongs to special type of Terrerism, they threatened to women openly in public. Some so called women also involved in this case and made accused. General bad names , abusing and threatning is now in general at Facebook against women and peaceful Indians.
This case in public interest and in women interest although knocked the door step of National Commission for womem. But there are multiple bunch of such cases are going on daily at Facebook.
One another case is also here is pending going to register with C.B.I. about abussing and dishonoured hindu God and Godess by a terrorist group working and playing with its international racket with many of forged and fake I.D.s created by themselves.

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