रविवार, 6 फ़रवरी 2011

Congress Clarified the Present Stuation on national and political scenerio.

Shri Abhishek Singhvi addressed the media today.

Shri Abhishek Singhvi said that the Karnataka Chief Minister and the Karnataka Government are experts at cover-ups, at white-washing, at legitimation and at defending the indefensible. When there is patent illegality, nepotism and the breakdown of law and order and when it is visible to everyone, the entire party and the Government machinery in that State springs into action to do what they do best – misinformation and distortion. A classic example is the report regarding the serious acts of violence on minorities in September 2008 in that State. It is easy to forget now but please remember that for over three months, there were series of coordinated, concerted attacks on churches and prayer halls across 5 or 6 districts of Karnataka – Mangalore, Udipi, Chikmanglur, Kolar, Bellary and Damangiri - across the length and breadth of the State. This itself shows the organized coordinated character of these attacks - 112 attacks in 2-1/2 months (August, September and part of October) and the Government initially itself blamed the breakaway faction of the RSS and then what happened. Then the BJP did in classic BJP style what the BJP does best – a white washing and paint job which would put white washing and paint companies to shame. The BJP and the Government appointed a Commission – of the BJP, by the BJP and for the BJP. No attempt and independent examination - no approach to the Supreme Court Chief Justice, or the Karnataka High Court Justice to appoint a Judge independently, no invitation to CBI to investigate. No independent judicial investigation, Enquiry Commission but a handpicked selected person – a retired Judge appointed to do a white washing job. This is a classic trick which the BJP did also in the Tehelka. Remember – no FIR and remember the Phukan Commission – handpicked selected to give a non report. As with Tehelka, the same happened now – the so-called Somashekhar Commission and that commission with due diligence and due dispatch did its master's bidding in a few months like the proverbial ostrich in the sand it gave a report. Remember, there were video recordings showing the policemen joining the attackers. There were 2-1/2 months' of attacks. There was visible evidence and this report says unknown elements, misguided elements, fundamentalist elements as if this happened like a lightning bolt from the sky – no accountability, total white washing and legitimation but that is not surprising. Is it surprising, that when it comes to saffron parivar, the BJP will do a white washing job. It is shameful, the original sin was shameful, and the cover up is despicable. This is an outcome engineered by the BJP for itself. This is absolutely deplorable and shows that the people of Karnataka, when faced with violence and terror, can expect no action. Indeed it is sprinkling salt on the wounds instead of trying to heel them.

On the reaction of the Congress party over the arrest of Shri A. Raja by the CBI in connection with 2–G spectrum scam and whether it will affect on the credibility of the UPA-II government and also the credibility of the Prime Minister because Shri Raja was a Cabinet Minister and it is the collective responsibility of the cabinet and BJP saying it is too late and too little, Shri Singhvi said all of you have seen that law takes its own course, law is taking its own course. It also shows that law moves and acts if you are patient. We are not concerned in the least about the innocence or the guilt but certainly we are concerned that all the doubting Thomas's sis who doubted the sincerity of commitment to take action as per law should have been silenced. But apparently they are not. Shri Singhvi further said this is nothing but double speak. This is like 'Panchtantra tale' and we are not in the business of satisfying the political opportunism of entities like the BJP who preach without practice. We are here only to let law take its own course and also for the people to realize that the course of law takes time because it involves collection of material evidence and it does not work in jerks and starts according to the whims and fancies of individuals who wanted to work in a certain way. 

Shri Singhvi further said that apart from the questioner in the whole world, nobody will accept that the credibility of the Prime Minister or the government is affected. It is absolutely wrong. The credibility of the government is enhanced by allowing the law to take its own course independently and objectively. It shows that without going into innocence or the guilt, this is the government, unlike the opposition and other State governments, which takes action according to law, allows action to be taken according to law and allows the law to take its own course. This is certainly at variance with those who preach without practice, with those who give lecture on credibility but do the opposite in the states where they have grosser allegations and material of corruption. 

Shri Singhvi further added that the interpretation of collective responsibility is absurd. The collective responsibility in the constitutional sense has nothing to do with criminal liability. What you are seeing is an action in the criminal law and the doctrine of the collective responsibility has no nexus for 100s and 1000s of miles with the action according to law in criminal law. 

On another question whether the arrest of Shri Raja would affect the alliance in the forthcoming assembly elections in couple of states, Shri Singhvi said this has absolutely no reflection on the alliance. This is nothing but the continuance of a legal process and the taking of action according to law uninfluenced by any other consideration. It has nothing to do with alliance or party politics.

On another question on the speech of the Congress President on the occasion of release of a postage stamp and also the statement of Shri Venkatswamy, Shri Singhvi said media is totally mistaken in misinterpreting a statement which has deliberately been torn out of context. The statement was made in respect of an individual who had relinquished and retired from active public life at the age of 64. That statement is certainly not liable to be torn out of context. It is not to be applied to any individual and, therefore, your conclusion and suggestions are incorrect. Shri Singhvi further said the party has taken note of the comments of Shri Venkatswamy. It appears that he has lost his mental balance. You can rest assured that appropriate action at an appropriate time in the appropriate manner will be taken.

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